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Welcome to our site!

ustarte a posted Oct 24, 11

Please make sure to register either a known character (so we can see who you are) or if its a nickname, message Ustarte in game as we do not accept unknown registrations.

If you have registered/applied and have not received a reply, please ingame mail Ustarte and we will look into it for you and get it sorted.

Once you have registered/applied and been accepted, make sure you add ALL of your Doomhammer's characters in your profile, this is a must as it will help us to keep everyones ranks up to date and alts noted so that we know who we are talking to, we would hate to accidentally boot one of your alt's during a cleaning fad!

Once you have added your characters in Doomhammer's Legacy, make sure you login to your main so that all of your posts appear under that character name. To do this, click your name, go to characters, and at the end of each character added, it will say login, then select the character to login and it's done. :)

Some of the new or improved features:

  • Better forum customisation & layout
  • Easy to see links menu
  • Full WowHead support, whether it is in the chatroom or forum posts, if you want to link an item simply click the wowhead button and start typing the items name, select it, and this will insert it with its own mouseover tooltip on your post.
  • Chatroom
  • YouTube enabled, whether its showing people a video in the chatroom, or embedding one on a forum post, simply click the youtube icon and put in the url, nice and easy.
  • A facebook style wall 
  • Share your xbox, steam or other gaming i.d's on your profile

There is plenty to have a play with and of course we are always open to suggestions!

As always please take the time to read the rules and information posts, we have updated a fair bit.

World Of Warcraft: Legion

ustarte a posted Aug 14, 15

ustarte a I want a demon hunter!
ustarte   added 30 Advanced days to Doomhammer's Legacy
ustarte   added 30 Advanced days to Doomhammer's Legacy
ustarte   added 30 Advanced days to Doomhammer's Legacy
ustarte   added 30 Advanced days to Doomhammer's Legacy
ustarte   added 30 Advanced days to Doomhammer's Legacy
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